Welcome to my website. My name is Kirby Spencer. I am a composer for visual media (Film, TV, video games etc). I have been composing, mixing and mastering music for over ten years. I have written music for a range of projects, using a range of orchestral, electronic and hybrid styles. If there is a project that you are working on that requires music for commercial use, you have arrived at the right place.
To satisfy your order, I simply need to know what kind of music you require, and in what style. Brooding Orchestral music, with sweeping cellos and double basses? A lite piece, full of sprightly woodwinds, perfect for a summer morning? Perhaps an action piece, or a main theme, complete with catchy melodies. The more information I am given, the more I can personally tailor your music to your project. This will enhance your narrative, by including the music as a part of it.
Please feel free to listen to my previous works via the links on the website and thank you for visiting! 🙂
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